Turn your love of gaming into an exciting career with our newly launched Esports Management program. In less than 11 months, you will develop a strong foundational knowledge of business fundamentals, audio/video production, marketing and branding that will help you take your passion for tech and gaming to the next level.

What will I learn?

You will learn the business essentials and get the hands-on training needed to enter the ever-growing gaming industry. You will study communications, audio and video production, team management, sponsorships, live stream marketing and production and international commerce marketing. You will also learn to develop your brand and use your entrepreneurship to create a career path in a competitive market. A capstone project at the end of the program gives you the opportunity to demonstrate the skills, training and knowledge you’ve acquired.

What are my career options?

You can explore opportunities as an Esports team or league manager, marketer, promoter, influencer, event coordinator and online streamer.

What’s my next step?

Use our online form to learn more about our Esports Management program. Canadian Business College welcomes the opportunity to discuss your career goals, answer your questions and assist you with the enrolment process.